The Man Who Haunted Himself
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The Man Who Haunted Himself

Watch The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970) : Full Movie Online Free Harold Pelham, a partner in a large electronics firm, finds himself in bewildering circumstances after recovering from a near-fatal car accident. What causes him to renounce his high business principles? Why do friends and colleagues repeatedly sight him in places he has never been? And why does Julie, an attractive girl he has seen only once, claim such an intimate relationship with him? Does Pelham really have a doppelganger – or is he losing his mind?


Production Company: Excalibur Films

Release: Jul 18, 1970

Production Countries: United Kingdom

Quality: HD

Rating: 6.6

Casts: Roger Moore, Anton Rodgers, Olga Georges-Picot, Freddie Jones, Alastair Mackenzie, Hugh Mackenzie, Kevork Malikyan, Thorley Walters, Ruth Trouncer, Hildegard Neil

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