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In the 14th century, Barcelona is experiencing one of its most prosperous moments. The city has grown to La Ribera, a fishing district in which the largest Marian temple ever known is built: Santa María del Mar. But the construction runs parallel to Arnau Estanyol, a serf of the land who, fleeing the abuses of The feudal lords of the countryside take refuge in Barcelona.

Title:Cathedral of the Sea
First Air Date:May 23, 2018
Last Air Date:Jul 11, 2018
Number of Episodes:8
Number of Seasons:1
Networks:Antena 3
Casts:Nora Navas, Aitor Luna, Pablo Derqui, Michelle Jenner, Silvia Abascal, Andrea Duro, Daniel Grao, Ramón Madaula, Críspulo Cabezas, Nathalie Poza, Ginés García Millán

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